In-hand Competition Results ~ Requirements (Australia)

To meet the requirements of the Bronze Elite Book via in-hand competition results, a horse must finish towards the top of the class as follows:
Class Size (Number of Competitors)                       Required Placing
Minimum 3 Competitors                                                         1st Place
    4-5 Competitors                                                        2nd Place or higher
     6-7 Competitors                                                         3rd Place or higher
   8-10 Competitors                                                       4th Place or higher
   11-15 Competitors                                                      5th Place or higher
  16- 20 Competitors                                                     6th Place or higher
20 Competitors or more                                     Placing in the top 1/3 of the class                                                                         
Results must be submitted, with official signatures, using the
In-hand Competition Results Verification Form
Signed paperwork indicating the Competition Name, Date, Location, Class Name,
Final Placing, Total Number of Competitors, and signed by a Competition Official,
may be photocopied and submitted instead,
please see the In-hand Competition Results Verification Form for details.