The history of the Friesian Sporthorse and the development of the breed, which became internationally recognized as a breed in 2007.
For more than a century, people have been crossbreeding Friesians.  Concerns over the potential extinction of the purebred Friesian led the Dutch Friesian registry (FPS/FHANA) to strongly discourage crossbreeding.  As the numbers of Friesians continues to grow, there are less concerns about their potential extinction, and crossbreeding of purebred Friesian stallions has especially become more widely accepted.

The interest in crossbreeding Friesians in the United States has increased dramatically since the early 1990's. Some people chose the Friesian for crossbreeding primarily for their kind temperaments; crossbreeding primarily for pets and trail horses. Others chose to take the qualities of the Friesian and crossbreed specifically to create a Friesian crossbred more suited for sport, leading to the development of Friesian Sporthorses and the Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA).  The Friesian Sporthorse Association was formed in 2007 and maintains the studbook for this developing breed. The name "Friesian Sporthorse" was trademarked by the Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA) in 2008.  The FSA has since grown into an internationally recognized registry, registering Friesian Sporthorses worldwide.

Well-bred Friesian Sporthorses are lovely horses, combining the beauty, temperament, and expressive gaits of the Friesian, with the increased athleticism, elasticity, endurance, and versatility of breeds such as the Warmblood and Thoroughbred, with the added benefit of the hybrid vigor which comes from crossbreeding. This focus on quality and sport-oriented breeding is what sets the Friesian Sporthorse apart from other Friesian crossbreds. 

Friesian Sporthorses are especially popular for dressage and combined driving, having competed successfully at the highest levels of both sports.

Careful, selective, responsible breeding will continue to refine the Friesian Sporthorse. The Friesian Sporthorse Association seeks to promote and encourage this careful, selective breeding thru carefully established registration guidelines and breeding directives which promote the betterment of the breed and maintain the integrity of the FSA and of Friesian Sporthorses.

The Friesian Sporthorse Association is not only the official registry of the Friesian Sporthorse, it is also the premier registry choice for sport-bred highest-quality Friesian crossbreds.

The Growing Popularity of Friesian Crossbreds and the Development of the Friesian Sporthorse

The popularity of the Friesian crossbred led to a rapidly increasing number of Friesian crosses being bred. Unfortunately, during the midst of this unchecked popularity explosion there was almost nothing (and no registries) to educate or guide breeders, owners, or buyers. 

The Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA) was developed to fill this void -- providing breeding guidelines, record keeping, support and encouragement for those seeking to breed, own, and develop higher quality Friesian crossbreds and crossbreds specifically for sport. The FSA became the “home” for those looking to breed and own higher quality and sport-based Friesian crossbreds. This emphasis on sport -- and quality, responsible breeding -- has made the FSA the premier registry choice for the owners and breeders of sport-bred high quality Friesian crosses.

As a breed, the Friesian Sporthorse has a great deal of potential.  The goal of the Friesian Sporthorse Association is to encourage, document, and maximize that potential -- offering a legitimate, reputable registry option for Friesian Sporthorses worldwide. 

Since its inception, the Friesian Sporthorse Association has grown into an international registry, registering Friesian Sporthorses around the world.

"Little Dove", Main Book / Bronze Elite Friesian Sporthorse filly.
Sire: Begherra (Friesian, by Gerryt 360)
Dam:  Doutzen R. Tamar (Main Book / Bronze Elite Friesian Sporthorse by Willem van Nassau (Friesian / Dutch Warmblood))
Bred by Reva Draeger, Wisconsin (USA)
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