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Upcoming Inspections / Inspection Calendar:  

International Affiliate Inspections 2021:

January 19 - February 21, 2021
Australian Continental Equestrian Group
ACE Assessment Tour
Contact Information:
(Australian Continental Equestrian Group)

FSA Inspections late 2020 / 2021:

September 26, 2020     IOWA (Cedar Falls, Iowa)
(Cedar Falls Equestrian Center)
Deb DeVries (host)
Contact Information:
Stabling available.

March 27, 2021  TEXAS (Greenville, Texas)
(Geter Ranch)
George Geter and
Susan Skripac (hosts)  214-476-6400
(Located appx. 40 miles from downtown Dallas, and just 3 miles
off Interstate-30.) Stalls, RV hook-ups, and limited on-site
accommodations available.

July 17, 2021MARYLAND (Earleville, Maryland)
(Grove Point Stables)
Contact Information:
Stabling available.
Inspection entry includes a photoshoot in front of a sunflower field
and a free guided ride down to the beach.  Contact the host for more

September 25, 2021IOWA (Des Moines, Iowa)
(Bain Ranch)
Host Contact Information: Katie Stout
or telephone 515-669-9971
Stabling available. Please contact host for details & reservations. $40/stall,
bedding not provided.

(Contact us if you are interested in hosting an FSA inspection or to inquire about our private and semi-private inspection options.)
ACE Tour Info 2021
Friesian Sporthorse
Friesian Sporthorse Association
Inspection Information

The FSA offers several options for horses to earn inspection and/or in-hand scores:
The wide variety of inspection and in-hand options is offered for the convenience of our members. 
(Please note that UDSF DSHB in-hand competitions and USEA FEH in-hand competitions and ACE
inspections are not organized nor governed by the FSA and may charge additional fees and/or
have additional registration requirements.) 
Inspections and in-hand competitions can be an important tool for evaluating horses, and can
be a fun and educational experience for owners and spectators as well.  Inspection and in-hand
scores are one of the options to fulfill the requirements of the Bronze Elite Book.  They are also
one of the requirements for stallions to be Approved for Breeding or Provisionally Approved for
Breeding, as well as being one of the requirements for mares to be Approved for Breeding or to
earn Star Mare status.  Foal scores are also one of the ways a mare may fulfill the requirements
to earn Preferred Mare status.  The FSA also offers National Inspection & In-Hand awards
each year.
FSA Inspections

FSA inspections are a fantastic way to have your Friesian Sporthorse
evaluated exactly to the breed standard.  As the registry continues
to grow we look forward to offering more inspections across the
country. Friesian Sporthorses will be inspected using the Friesian
Sporthorse breed standard and the FSA Inspection Sheet.  Please
visit the links below for more information.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting an FSA inspection. 
We also offer the option of private inspections, please contact us
for more information: or (386) 749-0097

USDF Sport Horse in-hand competitions

USDF (United States Dressage Federation) Sport Horse
in-hand classes are another wonderful way to get feedback on your
Friesian Sporthorse, while at the same time earning scores which are fully
recognized by the FSA.  These classes are intended to evaluate the
"potential, suitability, and qualities as a dressage sport horse or as
dressage sport horse breeding stock", according to the USDF's website.
(click the USDF logo to the right to be redirected to the USDF website to learn more
about the USDF Sport Horse in-hand competitions.)
USEA FEH in-hand competitions

The USEA (United States Eventing Association) FEH (Future Event Horse)
program is another way in which Friesian Sporthorses may be evaluated. 
This program "focuses on yearlings, two-year-olds, and three-year-olds,
and judging the potential they have to become a successful upper level
event horse" according to the USEA's website.  (click the logo button to the
right to be redirected to the USEA website to learn more about the Future Event
Horse Series.)
ACE Group Inspections (Australia)

In Australia the FSA works in conjunction with the ACE
Group annual tour to hold inspections. The criteria of the
modern sports horse which is embraced by ACE is also
applicable to the breed standard goals of the FSA - working
toward the ideal sporthorse with a worldwide standard. 
So whether you have a registered Friesian Sporthorse in
Australia, New Zealand, or abroad, the inspection teams
are always looking at the horses with the same
methodology. ACE inspections provide FSA members,
breeders, buyers and sellers alike with another tool to
gauge a horse’s quality in relation to the breed standard.
(click on the logo button to the right to be redirected to the ACE website to
learn more about ACE inspections in Australia.)
FSA General Inspection Guidelines
Friesian Sporthorse at inspection
Friesian Sporthorse colt
"Hemingway SCS"
being presented at an FSA inspection
Bred by Saucony Creek Sporthorses.
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FSA Inspection Guidelines (Specifics)
Friesian Sporthorse gelding "Lauderdale ROF"
Lauderdale ROF holds the record for the highest
score ever awarded to a Friesian Sporthorse via
inspection, an 89.187% earned as a 3-year-old.
Bred by River Oaks Farm.
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