Horse Name Change Form
Registration Application
(must print/submit ALL THREE pages)
file may take a moment to load
Membership Application
(use only if NOT REGISTERING A HORSE at this
time ~ otherwise, membership is included
with horse registration)
Breeder's Certificate
(to be issued by the STALLION OWNER,
and signed by BOTH
USDF All-Breeds
(National Year-End Dressage Awards)
USDF All-Breeds Awards declaration forms and information may be found at


use the above registry name and number when making an All-Breeds declaration
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Please mail all forms
(except USDF forms)
to the following address:

Friesian Sporthorse Association
PO Box 283
Seville, Florida 32190
Transfer of Ownership
Note: A horse's name may not be changed
if he/she has any offspring registered with the FSA.
FSA DNA Submission Form

Please note there is a
$45 fee for DNA testing.
Microchips for Friesian Sporthorses
in Australia
FSA Microchip Form
ALL Friesian Sporthorses registered
in Australia must be either
microchipped or branded. 
Microchips must be recorded with
the FSA using this form (or similar.)
Microchipping in the US is optional at this time.
Confused about DNA testing?
This 2016 magazine article has a lot of great information about DNA testing.
**Please DO NOT send
paperwork with a signature
required for delivery at the
post office** 
Pay via PayPal

For your convenience,
you may also pay
your horse registration
fees via PayPal.  
Registration will be
completed and
processed upon receipt
of Registration Application
and other required
paperwork (as outlined
on the Registration
Application), etc.  
Click on the "Buy This"
button to pay your
horse registration fee
via PayPal. 
Please note there is a
additional $3-$4 fee
for using PayPal
(to cover the fees
PayPal charges.)

Inspection Entry Fees
may also be
paid via PayPal
and your inspection entry may be
scanned and submitted via email.
If an inspection is canceled
by the FSA the fees will be
fully refunded. Inspection fees
are not refundable under
any other circumstances.
FSA Inspection Entry Form
ALL Friesian Sporthorses registered
in the USA (except geldings)
must have a DNA marker
report on file with the
Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA). 
Use this form to submit a DNA sample
to the FSA for processing.

FSA Registration FORMS & FEES
History of the Friesian Sporthorse
Stallion Directory
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Awards Program
FSA Mission Statement & Breed Standard
Elite Book Friesian Sporthorses
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(Registration Application, Breeder's Certificates, Name Change, etc)
(Registration Application, Breeder's Certificates, Name Change, etc)
Friesian Sporthorse Merchandise
FSA Registration Guidelines
Friesian Sporthorse DNA Testing