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Upcoming Inspections / Inspection Calendar:   

FSA Inspections 2024:

October 5, 2024  TEXAS (Greenville, Texas)
    Geter Ranch
    673 FM 1903, Greenville, Texas
    Contact: George Geter 
​ or
    Stabling & camper hook-up available.
    Located appx. 40 miles from downtown
    Dallas, and just 3 miles off I-30.

October 26, 2024  IOWA (Lucas, Iowa)
     Singing Mesa Ranch
     53116 US-65, Lucas, Iowa
     Contact: Katie Stout or
     Stabling & camping available. 
     Appx. 40 miles from Des Moines, Iowa.

November 17 & 18, 2024  IOWA (Denton, Iowa)
     Palazio Event Venue
     Denton, Texas
     Organizer: Palazio Event Venue
     This is a unique two-day inspection (Sunday
     & Monday) with special events open only to
     inspection participants. Please contact the
     organizer directly with facility-related questions.

FSA Inspections 2023:

September 23, 2023 TEXAS (Magnolia, Texas)
   Haras Hacienda Equestrian Resort
   26427 Peden Rd, Magnolia, Texas
   Contact: Beverly McGowan
   Stabling, hotel, restaurants available on site

October 7, 2023  IOWA (Lucas, Iowa)
​   Singing Mesa Ranch
   53116 US-65, Lucas, Iowa
   Contact: Katie Stout
​ or
​   Stabling & camping available

October 14, 2023  TEXAS (Greenville, Texas)
​   Geter Ranch
   673 FM 1903, Greenville, Texas
    Contact: George Geter 
​   Stabling & RV hook-ups available
   located appx. 40 miles from downtown
   Dallas, and just 3 miles off I-30. 

FSA Inspections 2022:

October 1, 2022      IOWA (Lucas, Iowa)
(Singing Mesa Ranch)
Host Contact Information: Katie Stout
or telephone 515-669-9971
Stabling & camping available. Please contact
host for reservations and details.

October 22, 2022   TEXAS (Greenville, Texas)
(Geter Ranch)
Host Contact Information: George Geter
or Susan Skripac
or telephone 214-476-6400
(Located appx. 40 miles from downtown 
Dallas, and just 3 miles off Interstate-30.) 
Stalls, RV hook-ups, and limited on-site
accommodations available.


Inspection Information, Dates, Locations, Contacts and more....

Inspections and in-hand competitions can be 
an important tool for evaluating horses, and 
can be a fun and educational experience for 
owners and spectators as well.  Inspection 
and in-hand scores are one of the options to 
fulfill the requirements of the Bronze Elite 
Book.  They are also one of the requirements 
for stallions to be Approved for Breeding or 
Provisionally Approved for Breeding, as well 
as being one of the requirements for mares to 
be Approved for Breeding or to earn Star Mare 
status.  Foal scores are also one of the ways 
a mare may fulfill the requirements to earn 
Preferred Mare status. The FSA also offers 
National Inspection & In-Hand awards each 

FSA Friesian Sporthorse Inspections

FSA inspections are a fantastic way to have your Friesian Sporthorse evaluated exactly to the breed standard.  As the registry continues to grow we look forward to offering more inspections across the country. Friesian Sporthorses will be inspected using the Friesian Sporthorse breed standard and the FSA Inspection Sheet.  Please visit the links below for more information.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting an FSA inspection.  We also offer the option of private inspections, please contact us for more information: 
FSA General Inspection Guidelines
Friesian Sporthorse at inspection
Friesian Sporthorse colt
"Hemingway SCS"
being presented at an FSA inspection. Bred by Saucony Creek Sporthorses.
FSA Inspection Guidelines (Specifics)
FSA Registration FORMS & FEES
History of the Friesian Sporthorse
Stallion Directory
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Awards Program
FSA Mission Statement & Breed Standard
Elite Book Friesian Sporthorses
(contact us)
(Registration Application, Breeder's Certificates, Name Change, etc)
(Registration Application, Breeder's Certificates, Name Change, etc)
Friesian Sporthorse Merchandise
FSA Registration Guidelines
Friesian Sporthorse DNA Testing